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Take action to support our BIPOC neighbors in Portland, OR.
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painting of James Baldwin saying, I can't believe what you say, because I see what you do.
I’m a white-bodied person who’s lived and worked in Northeast PDX for over 25 years. In the long, hot summer of 2020, I saw that a lot of my white neighbors had an earnest desire to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. A lot of them put up yard signs, and a lot of those yard signs are still there a year later. I like seeing those signs. I had my own sign in the window for months. But I wanted … more. I wanted to do more. Like a lot of my neighbors, I wasn’t sure where to start.

As I learned, I started taking notes.

One of the results is this site. Its purpose is to invite you to join me in taking concrete, tangible actions to dismantle white supremacy where we live. And then to keep taking action! Since America’s founding, white people have stood in the way of racial justice. It’s time for us to break the pattern. Here’s a place to start doing that.

Let's Start
The links collected here fall under five broad categories of action. Many are specific to the Portland area. It’s not a comprehensive anti-racism list (and isn’t intended to be). If you have suggestions for links or categories you think I should add, please get in touch! I’d like to hear from you.
I’m also interested in building anti-racism community. I'm interested in questions like: What important projects are BIPOC-led organizations already working on, and how can white allies best support them? How can we put our energy and skills to work in service to our BIPOC neighbors, and not in opposition to them? How can we get better at listening to BIPOC organizers without trying to take over and steer the whole ship? How can we keep ourselves and each other accountable to BIPOC-led efforts? How can we develop meaningful support as a habit and not just a feel-good one-off? How can individuals and groups keep each other motivated? If questions like these interest you, too, let’s get together and talk about them. Get in touch. I want to hear your story. Disagree? I’d welcome hearing from you, too.

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